About Us

USMER (National Strategy Center) is a think tank and a centre for struggle inspired by the historical and cultural know-how of the Republic of Turkey which is established in order to develop holistic strategies and national policies that define the route for an independent, strong, and productive Turkey.

Our world is going through a great process of transformation. We need to identify the social dynamics of this transformation, the source of the threats our country is facing, and the opportunities in front of Turkey with the guidance of science.

In 21st Century, we are witnessing a rise of a new civilization which gives hope to humanity in all aspects from science to arts, from economics to security, from production to education, and from culture to health. This new and Eurasia-centered modern civilization matches the program that shines a bright light on Turkey’s future.

Accepting moving beyond the artificial separations spread throughout the Turkish thought system as a task, USMER (National Strategy Center) aims to gather Turkish intellectuals, experts and scholars around national interests. We carry out studies to support gathering related individuals and organizations together and encourage forming of national and international collaborations. We organize national and international meetings, workshops, conferences and symposiums as well as various broadcasts.

USMER provides realistic and unique solutions to the problems our country faces in every aspect. We organize events to realize these solutions. We carry out research, reviews, analyzes and assessments in various fields as well as producing publications and developing projects. We share these meticulous studies, the produced information and their outcomes with the decision maker and the general public.

We would be happy to welcome all intellectuals, experts, scholars and volunteers who would like to take on duties for an independent, strong and productive Turkey and to contribute to the national struggle.

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