Message From The Chairman

End of the last century witnessed two different and almost simultaneous developments: Collapse and disintegration of Soviet Russia and her allies, emergence of a presumably unipolar World hegemony led by the USA. In less than ten years it was conceived that a unipolar World a was an illusion. Russia, China, independent states of Eurasia, Latin Americas, and Africa emerged as new resistance foci. New regional and continental alliances, SCO, ALBA, BRICS, UNASUR overshadowed NATO.

Eurasian states’ cooperation and mutual understanding strategies have replaced Turkey’s former Atlantic oriented policies in economic and security fields during this period. US led military interventions in West Asian countries, overt and covert operations threatening Turkey’s national-territoral integrity have accelerated this policy change.

Today Turkey is an outstanding member of the Eurasian community, an independent, reliable, and powerful state in West Asia.

USMER/National Strategy Center is devoted to understand, explain, and promote Turkey’s this recent, and radical strategical choice.

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