Words of The Chairman

Our World is turning over. We can see that the balance of power is shifting in the 21st century. There is a process where Eurasian countries are stepping forward in economics, politics, security, technology, and energy.

Turkey is also an important part of this transformation. The Atlantic System, which we joined after World War II cannot provide solutions to Turkey’s problems anymore. As a matter of fact, the Atlantic system itself has become the source of our problems.

In the last 75 years, Turkey has faced major internationally-backed terrorism and security problems while struggling with the bottlenecks created by neo-liberal economic approaches. Our country even faced the threat of losing its independence within the Atlantic era that we have just left behind.

Today, the opinion that Turkey’s problems are going to be solved within a new alliance system that originates from the West Asian states and delves deep into the heart of Eurasia has become the mainstream opinion. The international climate where our country will strengthen its independence as well as increasing its economic prosperity has been formed.

USMER has set out to develop the national policies that Turkey needs in all aspects by tapping into our country’s elite selection of experts in this time of radical transformation in our country and the World.

Chairman of the Executive Board

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